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The Principals' Welcome

Welcome to Oloolaiser High School. Our great institution is located in Kajiado North District of Kajiado County at the slopes of Ngong Hills 25km from Nairobi. Oloolaiser was established in 1967 and opened by the first president of the Republic of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. It started as a harambee day mixed secondary school in the early 70s and has grown exponentially to a three stream boys only boarding school.

Mission Statement

To prepare individuals of integrity able to face present and future challenges.

Vision Statement

To be a center of exellence in discipline, academic, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects.

School Motto

Study for Service.

Our Core Values

God fearing community; Academic Excellence; Character Development; Nurturing Talents; Working SMART; Teamwork & Efficiency.

Our Academic Focus

In true spirit of its vision and mission, Oloolaiser High School has proven itself as an institution that nurtures academic excellence and full blossoming of talent. For over 46 years, Oloolaiser High School has prided itself in producing alumni who have ended up being notable leaders and pacesetters in their various fields in Kenya and beyond by offering uniquely competetive subjects that give our alumni that upper hand over learners from other schools.

Mathematics Department.

Our mission is to produce persons who are numerate, orderly, logical, accurate and precise in thought with a vision to play positive roles in the development of the Kenyan modern society.

Humanities Department.

The department combines the human and social sciences in an endeavour to build holistic students who can face the challenges of the modern world.

Technicals & Creative Arts Department.

This department include subjects as Business studies, Agriculture, Computer Studies and French. We boast a team of competent and highly motivated teachers who strive to  provide a solid foundation for quality education in an environment of diversity leading to academic excellence and a career of choice.

The Languages Department.

As a department, we always strive to be a centre of excellence in languages. In recognition that increased exposure to and use of language increases language competence, we have put in place a language policy that has seen the school improve tremendously in the two subjects. The sky is our limit!

The Science Department.

Our vision is to produce students who are intellectually able to solve scientific problems with a mission of equipping them to play a great role in the scientific and technological development of our great nation of Kenya.

Oloolaiser in Pictures

We are an institution that believes in nurturing a holistic individual both in academic excellence and full blossoming of talent. We train our students to believe that hard work, discipline and humility are vital ingredients for success in both academics and co-curricular endeavours.

Academic Departments at Oloolaiser

Oloolaiser high school enjoys a high reputation for its success in sport and games. Within the School curriculum there are three sports and games sessions a week and all pupils are expected to take part. In addition, there are timetabled practice sessions for individual teams after school class sessions.

Young Christian Society

The Young Christian Society of Oloolaiser Community is a religious group that functions to serve God through worship and praise. We strive to be ambassadors of the word of God under the motto: SEE JUDGE AND ACT.

Our mission is to create a foundation in Christianity for Oloolaiserians so that after their 4 year course, they will be equipped with life skills to help them cope with the outside world and to be good role models in the society..

The Debate Club

At the debate club, we embrace freedom of expression and association. Our activities involve holding parliamentary sessions or debate motion on clubs’ day where members participate in an orderly manner by exchanging ideas in competitive speech. We also organize termly activities, where we invite other schools and encourage talent growth such as dancing, singing, fashion show, competitive essay writing and drawing.

Wildlife Club

The Wildlife Club of Oloolaiser has been in existence for more than 20 years. We occasionally host guest speakers on different conservation matters; currently we are collaborating with the Peace Club and Environmental Centre (PEC). Previously the club worked with other groups like the ICC (International Climate Challenge) where we achieved a silver and bronze award. The future is bright for the club as they endeavour to live up to our motto Conserve for a Better Tomorrow!

The Red Cross Club

The Red Cross Club previously existed as the First Aid Club, but was changed to The Red Cross Club in January 2011 after the Kenya Red Cross Society (Karengata Branch) visited our school. The main objective of the club is to train on basic first aid skills and handle challenges as peer pressure, alcohol and substance abuse. Our members engage in mentorship programmes as they sharpen skills learnt through peer education, demonstration and application.

The Oloolaiserian

The school Administration is transparent and involves all students in most of the decisions that are undertaken in the school. To embrace students’ leadership and involvement in administration the school holds an open forum every month. In the open forum, students are supposed to air their views openly without any victimization. Students leadership meeting are also held after every two weeks. The above has held the school together

Student Leadership

Every year three weeks are set aside for leadership campaigns where by those aspiring to be elected are allowed to campaign for one to qualify to be in the race, there is thorough vetting by both students and teachers. Only disciplined students are allowed to enter the race. Elections are held using secret ballot system and tallying done at class levels.

After one year, the prefect body is rewarded with a trip to a place of their choice but within the country. Most popular destination being Mombasa.

Deputy Principal

The Careers Department

Our focus is on providing career guidance to all students to enable them opt for subjects that will gain them entry into careers of their choice through facilitation for university degree course applications. The department also does individual and group career guidance sessions facilitated by Teachers, Career Resource persons and Motivational Speakers. Our students are also invited to career forums organized by professionals in various fields.

Education is the foundation for a better future. Oloolaiser High School is one of the key institutions in Kenya that is focused on establishing this foundation.

H.O.D - Careers Dept.

Guidance & Counselling

The guidance and counselling department recognises the diverse family backgrounds our students come from; poor, average and rich families, orphans and from children homes hence the dire need to have a neutral situation where all their needs are met. This helps our students develop their special talents to the highest maximum.

Our goal is to help students achieve and maintain spiritual, physical, mental and emotional wholeness.

H.O.D - Guidance & Counselling

Boarding at Oloolaiser

This department caters for student’s welfare in areas of dormitories, dining hall and the entire compound. Our main aim is to keep the student family cohesive. The school consists of these six houses headed by dormitory master/ mistress and a captain and his assistants.


A general inspection on school compound cleanliness is done every day and marks awarded weekly and the cleanest areas are awarded at the end of each term. Meals in dining hall are taken using table system. The table leader ensures equity in serving and that all students get food.

The department is also in charge of furniture used in the school. We ensure all furniture are repaired and well maintained and in good use all the time. On admission the boarding master ensures all students are allocated duties and houses to stay in for the four years.

Let's Get in Touch

Oloolaiser High School

P.O Box 71 -00208, Ngong Hills, Kenya.

Phone: +254(0) 057 2504366,

Mobile: 0723 720 220,

Facsimile: +254(0) 1784 494 048,

Email: admissions@oloolaiser.ac.ke

Feel free to email the principal directly from below: